Hello summer, my old friend

So most of you have probably already broken up from school…but I just finished school today, which is pretty annoying that it was so late (I have no idea why we couldn’t just finish school ages ago because we just spent the last week watching cheesy films and doing stupid quizzes, which I actually secretly love…) but still, at last I am now free like a bird….(I have no idea why but the Sound of Music just started playing in my head right then…).

So now that the sun is shining and we’re all getting sun burnt (actually it’s still grey and cloudy here, I doubt that hardly anyone where I live has even ever seen the sun, it’s a mythical being to us, just like Unicorns and Mermaids are to you) and people are flocking to the beach and each day feels like a blur of Déjà vu, it’s time to celebrate and to talk a bit about my old friend, summer (no, summer is not a real person, in case I’m confusing you with all of these brackets).

When the bell finally screeched it’s last ear-deafening ring, which sounded like music to my ears compared to everyone’s shouts of joy which followed, I ran and jumped down the stairs because I am such a little rebel. I turned to look back one last time at my school, radiant in the non-existent sunshine and tears came to my eyes (mostly not because I was going to miss it but because I had just scratched my leg on some prickly thorns and nettles).

It was quite sad having to say goodbye to my very small number of friends (I guess the less you have, the more you miss them). We won’t be seeing each other at all in the holidays because we are all being whisked away to different holiday destinations (where we will hopefully have the blessing of seeing the sun for the first time). I had all these mad fangirl ideas of finding a pair of jeans that fitted us all perfectly and sending it from destination to destination, so that we could re-enact The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (have any of you heard of it????), but unfortunately when I even mentioned it they thought I was just going a bit weird and said that maybe I was overheating (the sun may be non-existent but the heat is scorching, especially trapped inside my school which is like a giant hot water bottle).

It’s such a relief for summer to finally have arrived again, after so many exams and the hectic fuss and drama of everyday school life. The same everyday robotic routine, wake up, breakfast, brush teeth, uniform, get bus, school, go home, go to bed. Even though the summer days do tend to all merge into one big haze (and that rhymes), at least I will have more time to do what I want and hopefully this summer will be a great experience.

And that’s it for today’s post, I hope that your brain is not fizzing and exploding because of so many brackets. Comment what you are doing for the summer. Have you already finished school? What are you excited for this summer?

– Kat






Musings, rain, tea and candles

I write this wrapped in a fuzzy dressing gown, engulfed in a sea of cushions.

Even though its July, which is supposedly summer, it’s raining. The sky is blank like a piece of paper just waiting for the first splash of ink to paint a picture or write a story. The weather is more like Autumn or Winter-definitely not summer.

As soon as the rain started ambushing the people outside and drumming on the window panes, I closed the curtains, lit a load of candles and put the kettle on (how very British of me).

And now, I sit here wrapped up, sipping on some hot licorice and peppermint tea as I muse about life. And now, the musings shall commence (it might be a bit of a rant…so don’t say I didn’t warn you…)

Recently, I’ve been feeling almost like I’ve skipped a whole chunk of my life. Teenagehood (is that even a word?).

Teenagers are meant to have attitudes and live a load of crazy experiences. Teenagers are meant to be moody, rebellious, have lots of dramas with their friends and be rude to their parents because ‘nobody understands them’. They’re meant to sneak out at night and go to all these parties, make terrible make-up decisions and fashion choices and procrastinate when they’re meant to be revising (actually I’m really good at that last one).

But this is the image of a stereotypical teenager, and the thing is I feel like a whole piece of my life has grown wings and flown away because I don’t fit that description at all. Don’t get me wrong because I’m no saint. I don’t really want to be like the stereotypical teenager either, but it does leave me thinking, why am I so different?

Now I keep thinking how has my so-called ‘teenagehood’ slipped so easily away from me?

I’m in a non-existent stage of my life because I’m not a child nor an adult and I’m not even the ‘definition’ of a teenager.

I wonder if any of you feel the same?

And now that I’ve finished my tea, and it’s finally stopped raining (I wonder how long it will last…), I’m going to go and do something productive and maybe post this later.

– Kat –

PS: Thank you for 20 followers, I know that it’s a very small amount but it feels so weird to think that twenty people in this world have just gone and pressed the follow button on my blog. It feels so strange that twenty people in this world want to actually read what I write!




Types of people at school

Hello blogging universe!

Recently I’ve realized that no matter how cliche it is, at school there are social ‘groups’ or types of people. I though it would be fun (a bit of comedy, eh?) to write a post about the different types of people at my school so let’s hop right in…(what?!)

The rebels: So these aren’t the classic emos that you would expect like in all cheesy teen movies (we don’t really have any in my school). Instead, they’re the ones with the ripped tights and the backpacks with loads of crazy badges and the oversized grunge jackets. They’re the ones who burn their ties at the end of the year just for the sake of it. (OK, so maybe that is a bit Gothic/emo/punk).

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My experiences with the star signs

Hey everyone 🙂

So the name of this post might sound a bit weird and witchy and as if I’ve connected with outer space or something-but don’t worry it’s not anything to do with that (actually that would have been quite cool :p).

Today, I decided to write a post about my experiences with each of the star signs: basically, the people I’ve met of each star sign and what they were/are like.

I don’t really believe too much in the horoscopes defining who you are and your personality, but I though this post would just be fun and interesting. It’s going to be a bit of a long post, so bear with me…(also, sorry that I’m missing out Sagittarius and Pisces…I don’t know any!).

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The story of how I became a reader

To anybody and nobody in particular,

As you probably don’t know, I am an absolute bookworm. I am that girl who always spends an hour in the bookshop when she’s out with her friends. I am that girl who sniffs all the books in the library and strokes every book’s spine lovingly. I am that girl who sneaks the book she’s reading into ICT (computer) lessons and reads it under her desk. I am that girl who stays up till past midnight just to finish a book and who gets extremely irritated when someone interrupts her while reading. I am that girl who gets over the top excited every time she goes to her friends’ houses and they have books. I am that girl who believes that every fictional character is her friend. I am that girl who cries because she will never be able to go to Hogwarts or visit Narnia or explore Wonderland.

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Back to the blog+being the new girl

To nobody in particular,

So. You probably don’t even remember me-I mean come on, I only ever wrote about three blog posts which was quite A FEW MONTHS ago.

I got busy (don’t you just hate it when people say they’re busy and don’t tell you why), and didn’t have time for blogging. I still don’t have time but, hey presto (awkward and just plain weird), I can’t be bothered to do my homework JUST yet.

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10 Things that qualify me as ‘definitely not basic’

I decided to write something a bit about me so I thought it would be a good idea to share 10 things that qualify me as ‘definitely not average’.

Ok, here we go…

  • I love anything to do with the 20th century, especially the 1930’s-1940’s Big Band Era music!
  • I have ‘dog phobia’ as I’ve ended up calling it. i.e. fear of dogs since I was five years old-even though I love them, I get really panicky around them and end up embarrassing myself by screaming ‘Mummy!’ in the street when one comes running up to me….
  • When I’ve just read a book or watched a film, I end up acting like the main character for a few days. I also get this when I’ve just been with a friend: I start talking the way they talk and saying the things they might say….I think this definitely qualifies me as weird…?!
  • Every morning while I get ready I sing loudly at the top of my voice or pretend that I’m making a YouTube video on how to spread toothpaste on a toothbrush…or how to change the toilet roll once it’s run out…I think this is probably even weirder than the last ‘weird thing’…
  • I’m not vain at all (says me), but if don’t like the clothes I’m wearing I end up being really moody for the rest of the day.
  • I literally hate sugary sweets (I’m a chocoholic though…but I only like dark chocolate) or any fizzy drinks or junk food…I prefer gluten free organic and suitable for pescetarians stuff or savoury food or even just home cooked chips instead of from a shop…I’m also pretty fussy about eating out (wow I sound really snobby now!).
  • I have a really huge imagination….sometimes it’s WAY too huge as once I ended up spending a whole sleepover screaming because of the ‘werewolfs and the evil penguin in the kitchen’ (I have no idea how I came up with that).
  • I like pulling creepy faces at the neighbour’s windows opposite my bedroom….yes that is REALLY weird, I know…
  • Even though I’m a teenager I still love dolls and Disney movies….
  • And this is the last reason that qualifies me as a weirdo…hmmm…I’m changing my personality all the time literally….one day I’m acting all gothic, the next I’m acting really girly, and then the next week I probably think I’m some really cool teenage secret agent…yes I know, I am VERY weird…

Ok so that’s the end of my 10 reasons…I hope you enjoyed reading this (if you are weird in any way the same or not the same as me, don’t be afraid to comment!).

Thanks for reading this, and please like/follow/comment.

From Kat


Stepping into the blogging world

To the person who is reading this,

Well I guess that now I have set foot into the blogging world, I should start with;

”Welcome to my blog”.

My anonymous name is Kat (not short for Kathleen, and yes, Kat with a K) and I’m just an average teenage girl (well…maybe not so average…definetely not so average) in my corner of the gallaxy. I’ve decided to create a blog with all my random thoughts (hence the name).

I’ll write about what I really think, the things that happen to me (some of them funny) and anything else that comes to my mind.

This won’t be one of those fake blogs where people keep saying ‘OMG, I love you guys so much XOXO’. I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not.

I’ll be posting whenever I can, hopefully once a week…

I don’t know what the future of my blog will be like, but I hope you can relate to what I write.

From Kat